Weekly Club Services

EESA club engages every Monday with Technical sessions, which improves one’s technical knowledge and non-technical sessions such as Group Discussions, Debates, Group Building activities, etc, which help students to improve different personality and professional skills and use them for their own betterment. Club services are the platform for students to share their
knowledge, clear doubts, share ideas, involved in social and technical discussions, and put forth their point of view on the topic. Club Service Directors lead the club service along with other board as well as non-board members.


EESA’s Second Virtual club service held on 24 Aug, 2020.

This was the second virtual  CS of EESA. The main focus of CS  was to interact with ourselves and make active participation in all activities. This was achieved at the start of CS where participants told how they spent the last week and now as the Ganesh festival is going on, some of them told how they are celebrating this Ganesh festival.

With this interactive introduction, we moved towards an informative session called ‘Resurgence’.In this session, ‘The Coal Scam and Coal Reforms’ was explained. Then we moved towards Aptitude session; wherein we learned how to solve problems based on ‘Series’.The technical session ‘Thriving alternative’ emphasized new technology i.e. ‘Bio Battery’.

After that there was the most refreshing GBA: Hilarious Poster wherein a poster of different memes was provided and we have to make a story using it. Four teams formed in the breakout rooms namely, Atmanirbhar, Kuchbhi, Fursat, and Binod. Each team came up with hilarious and funny stories which made each of us laugh. This activity offered an amusement in the horde. Then there was an announcement of a new event of making memes for enhancing our creativity.  At last, the President concluded the CS by adding a couple of points to respective sessions.


EESA’s First Virtual club service held on 6 Aug, 2020.

          The first Club service of the year 2020 – 21 was held on 6 – Aug – 2020. This club service was started at exactly 5.10 pm and held on Google meet platform. The numbers of participants were approximately 42.

           The club service started with an informative session: Highlighted facts of lockdown. As the name suggests, the session gave information about the events that happen during the lockdown. It was followed by the Aptitude session: Analogical and Reasoning. The aptitude session was interactive as well as interesting. After the aptitude session, there was a technical session. The technical session gave us information about Relays. It was well explained, and we got to learn about the basics of relays. It was followed by group building activity: Thought – Melodrama. The participants were divided into three groups and there were four rounds. It was a totally fun activity and everyone enjoyed it.

             Though the club service was held on a virtual platform, it was executed well. The club service was concluded by vice – president’s desk at 6.15 pm.  Everything went as per plan. Overall club service was good.

Tech Event 1: Future Of Electrical Engineering

Date: 14th August 19, 2020

‘Future of Electrical Engineering ‘ was the first Technical event of EESA. The basic motive of this event was to introduce areas where electrical engineering has wide career opportunities. The four informative technical topics were described. The first one was Hyperloop, in this topic the whole structure and the function of hyperloop was explained.

The second session was based on Wireless Power Transmission which was well elaborated with its history, working principle, and applications. The next session explicated types, functions, and future scope of Electric Vehicles. The technical informative session concluded with a session named Fuel Cell Vehicle which described how electricity is generated, its feasibility, and drawbacks. In the end, there was a debate session ‘War of Currents‘.The debate was basically based on AC v/s DC topic. In a nutshell, the technical event was really excellent and all the sessions were completed in time.