The world of circuits brings you the great opportunity to enhance your professional
development, to gain knowledge and to make some new connections. There will be three rounds in total.

  • Round 1:- Nexus
  • Round 2:- Circuit War
  • Round 3:- Electra-Hunt


  • Novice ₹50/Individual 
  • Expert ₹50/Individual
  • Round 2: ₹100/team (both categories)
For Details: 
Prajyot Tonape: +91 98905 18366
Pragati Magdum: +91 88305 01492


Mystery Awaits You

ClueMinati is a fun mystery hunt event. This event will test your range of different skills, including logical reasoning, pattern recognition, cryptography etc. The final motive of this game is to recognise the true murderer. It is an intense and exciting event.

  • Round 1:- Illusion
  • Round 2:- Deception Island
  • Round 3:- The last Room


  • Individual- ₹80
  • Duo- ₹150
  • Round 2: ₹30 (individual) and  ₹40 (Duo)
For Details: 
Avishkar Pawar: +91 9518964387
Arya Chougule : +91 7756818970



An event which lightens your stress and increases your adrenaline rush. An event which develops your all round personality with elements of fun. This event is exclusive to first year students. UDAAN wants you to develop your personality in an interactive, captivating and thrilling manner. There will be three rounds in total.

  • Round 1:- Syner-Z
  • Round 2:- Strate-Z
  • Round 3:- Surpri-Z


  • Individual- ₹50
  • Team- ₹80

For Details:
Salman Imandar: 7758814600
Salil Kulkarni: 9987768772



Aavhan invites u to test your non technical skills and challenge your inner self. The main motive of this event is to make u ready for the placements.This event will surely help you in building your own self. There will be three rounds in total.

  • Round 1:- Yogyata
  • Round 2:- Drusti
  • Round 3:- Abhipray
  • Novice: 60
  • Expert: 70
  • Round 2:Novice: 80 and Expert: 90
For Details: 
  • Shravani Kumbhar:+919834729596
  • Kaustubh Patil:+91 91379 17263



 नाविन्य 2K23 is a national level project competition.This is an initiative taken by EESA to promote the creative thinking among the engineering students. Its aim is to provide a platform for young innovators to showcase their innovative ideas, research orientation and untapped potential.This event will also help the participants to interact with other innovative minds and get access to the latest developments in industry.


  • Individual : ₹90
  • Duo : ₹150
For Details :
  • Ghanshyam Kuwar :+919067235684
  • Anam Mulani : +91 77094 37202