Sparking innovations, Ignite connections

The world of circuits brings you the great opportunity to enhance your professional development, to gain knowledge and to make some new connections. There will be three rounds in total.

Round 1: CircuitMaster

Round 2: Electrobid

Round 3: Labyrinth Lock

Entry Fees:

    – Round 1: Single/ Duo – Rs.70/120

    – Round 2: Single/Duo – Rs.30/50

For more details contact

    1. Avadhoot Kulkarni : 8623031107

    2. Sudarshan Labhade: 9075163570


Electrify your knowlwdge where sparks of innovation meet

Current-Quest is not just an event it’s an exploration of the cutting-edge advancements, ingenious
solutions, and limitless possibilities that electrical engineering brings to our modern lives. There will be three rounds in total.

 Round 1: Code Dilemma

 Round 2: Tic Tac Trivia

Round 3: Electronexa

Entry Fees:

    – Round 1: Single/ Duo – Rs.70/120

    – Round 2:Duo – Rs.40

For more details contact:

    1.Pranav Magdum : 8010403065

    2.Atharva Pol: 7743884761


Every clue tells a tale

Step into a world of intrigue and suspense at “MYSTERIUM”, a thrilling mystery Event that will keep you guessing until the very end. There will be three rounds in total.

Round 1: Eclipse of secrets

Round 2: Spark of Supicion

Round 3: Treasure hunt

Entry Fees:

    – Round 1: Single/ Duo – Rs.80/140

    – Round 2: Single/Duo – Rs.30/40

For more details Contact :

    1. Madhura Bhosale: 9834880038

    2.Prajyot Tonape: 9890518366


Unleash your idea...

The event called ‘POWERPITCH ’ is the subevent for soft skills enhancement . The basic purpose of of this Event
is to inculcate and boost the corporate communication, develop the public speaking, encourage self
learning amongst the students. There will be two rounds:



Entry Fees: 150/- Per Team

Team members:- 3 to 5 members

For more details contact:

    1. SHUBHAM WAGHADE: 9371200156

    2. RUCHA GRAMOPADHYE: 8080328876

Round Desk

Unveiling ideas , inspiring minds

Welcome to the “Round Desk,” a gathering of brilliant minds and innovative ideas. This event serves as a
platform for researchers, academics, and thought leaders to present their latest findings, engage in intellectual
discourse, and inspire one another.

Entry Fees:

    – Single/Duo –  Rs.90 /150

For more details contact

    1. Neeraj Pathradkar: 97670 63761

    2. Shoaib Mulla: 75582887553.