EESA Talk 1 By Nachiketa Deshmukh


On October 24th, EESA organized a session named ‘EESA TALK’ wherein our guest speaker Mr. Nachiketa Deshmukh gave a talk over the topic ‘Future Scope and Internship for Electrical Engineers’.

Mr. Nachiketa Deshmukh who is a 2015 pass-out from Walchand College Of Engineering, Sangli and a part of EESA family is currently pursuing his Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur (since 2017).

Here are some of his achievements:

1. Co-authored 1 Indian patent on Transformerless Solar Inverter.

2. Two times winner of IIGP university challenge, organized by Department of S&T, India, Lockheed Martin, and Tata Trusts (10 lac Research Grant)

Mr. Deshmukh has also been a team adviser for IIT Kanpur team, which won 3rd prize in IEEE International Future Energy Challenge, 2020.

Talking about his research work, Mr. Deshmukh has published 3 journal papers (2 IEEE and 1 Elsevier) and published 11 IEEE Conference papers and 3 open-access journal papers.

The talk covered the post- and technical aspect after gaining a B.Tech Degree in Electrical Engineering. Giving us some important lessons like having a plan B in our lives and how come clarity is a must during long-term commitment.

He shared his real-life experience in the technical job domain and explained the attendees about what exactly the company expects from you and what all skills one must work upon with a perspective of placement point of view.

The most interesting part of the EESA TALK was the section wherein he discussed and gave information over their recent research work which they are working upon in IIT Kanpur.

Summary of Talk 1
Summary Of Remarkable Session
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